When most oral health issues are taken on, a tooth extraction is something that your dentist will try to avoid. However, when your wisdom teeth begin to erupt, removing them is often recommended before there are complications that can occur. What makes this matter different is that many of us simply have no room for these teeth, which are also known as third molars. As they begin to move into position, they can press against their neighboring molars or become impacted and create more significant issues for your oral health. Your Temecula, CA dentist’s office is prepared to help you avoid the issues associated with wisdom teeth eruption. Through regular checks, we can monitor their development, and we can recommend an extraction before any more serious problems occur.

Our Wisdom Teeth Can Create Problems When They Erupt

Our wisdom teeth are the last to arrive. In fact, they will begin to erupt many years after your other secondary (“adult”) teeth, and can take until after your smile is seemingly finished growing and developing to arrive. As part of the routine oral health care services that we provide, we will let you know if we observe movement whenever we perform x-ray evaluations. By recognizing the need to remove them at an early stage, we can keep complications from affecting you.

We Can Monitor The Movement Of Your Wisdom Teeth And Make Sure They Are Removed At The Right Time

Because we can monitor potential problems with wisdom teeth, we can recognize when it might be time to have them removed. Doing so will stop problems from teeth crowding due to the pressure from your third molars, as well as potential problems with enamel damage or impacted wisdom teeth. The area where these teeth are to be removed will be numbed, and after they are taken, we can use sutures to ensure that your recovery is problem-free.

More Reasons To Keep Seeing Your Dentist For Preventive Care

By taking advantage of the preventive dental services that we offer, we can help our patients remain safe against any threats that arise and need to be managed. For example, we can supply timely care for a cavity by placing a dental filling to restore the structure. We can also look for other issues, such as gum disease, and offer care before more advanced services are needed.

Talk To Your Temecula, CA Dentist About Wisdom Teeth Removal

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