Your smile and your health can be tied more closely than you realize. By protecting yourself against oral bacteria that can build up in the course of a day, you can stop potential problems with gum disease and dental decay that can turn into more serious threats. Advanced problems with periodontal health can negatively impact you by creating general health complications. Trouble with dental decay can also lead to the harmful spread of an infection. Fortunately, you can stop problems from reaching these stages when you regularly book dental exams and cleanings. At our Temecula, CA dentist’s office, we can provide routine updates as well as services that take on problems in their earlier stages.

Are You Currently Doing Enough To Stop Oral Health Problems From Affecting You?

If you want to protect your smile effectively, you should rely on dental checkups and a consistent oral hygiene routine that you practice at home. Daily efforts to keep your teeth clean that include brushing and flossing will stop potential harm caused by oral bacteria and the accumulation of food debris. When you defend yourself by visiting your dentist for checkups, you receive professional teeth cleanings along with reviews that let us know if you have problems that require restorative dental work.

Actions To Take At Home To Defend Your Smile

Brushing and flossing matter, but they become less effective when they are not performed thoroughly. If you want to defend your smile, make sure that you brush for at least two minutes and take the time to reach even those areas that are difficult to reach. Flossing once a day protects spaces between teeth. These areas are difficult to reach with a toothbrush even when you put serious time and effort into the practice of brushing.

How Regular Dental Exams Protect You

On a semiannual basis, you should go in for routine oral health reviews. If we find any problems at these appointments, we can discuss them and their treatment options. All of these visits also protect you by providing teeth cleanings that fight tartar and plaque.

Talk To Your Temecula, CA Dentist About Protecting Your Smile And Health!

Better smile care on a consistent basis at home, and regular trips to see your dentist for preventive services, will help you preserve your smile and overall well-being! Our practice is here to help you take on troubles with your teeth and gums, and we can provide ongoing support to help you stay safe against future problems. If you would like to find out more about how we can support you, please reach out to any of our locations near you at the following:

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