Does having a crown placed to restore a tooth mean accepting that your smile has to be permanently changed? This can be an understandable concern when you need to undergo treatment for a tooth that is easier to see when you smile and speak. At our Corona, CA dentist’s office, we can provide treatment with a dental crown that can closely resemble your healthy enamel. By placing a restoration that can actually match a natural tooth, you can feel good about your smile and enjoy the functional support offered by your treatment. We provide both partial and full dental crowns, which means that we can personalize care in order to reduce the amount of work on your tooth structure required to complete treatment.

The Importance Of Providing Lasting Support For Teeth That Undergo Cavity Care

When you experience a problem with a cavity, you will have permanent dental damage that needs to be addressed. After removing an area of your tooth structure that has suffered decay, your dentist will place a permanent restoration. The most conservative treatment option is a dental filling, but there are times when decay is too severe for this approach to be effective. In these circumstances, we can offer more support with either a partial or full dental crown.

We Offer Partial And Full Crowns To Care For Patients

Both partial crowns and full dental crowns are capable of providing long-term protection. Because we provide partial crowns, we can preserve more of your healthy tooth structure when dealing with a cavity that needs more protection than a filling. Both inlays and onlays are able to provide coverage while matching your enamel. At times when teeth need more coverage, we can provide protection with a full dental crown. This calls for more preparatory work, as the restoration will completely cover your tooth. This kind of protection is important when serious injuries and cavities need to be addressed. Because we can supply a crown that is made with a material that blends in with your smile, you will not have to worry that this prominent restoration will disrupt how you look.

Talk To Your Corona, CA Dentist About Scheduling Cavity Care

By scheduling cavity care, you can make sure that a vulnerable tooth has the protection it needs, and you can ensure that there are no further problems that develop over time. If you would like to find out more about how our practice can take care of you, please reach out to any of our locations near you at the following:

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