The start of a toothache can be alarming. It can suggest that something has changed about your oral health in a way that demands professional treatment. Your discomfort can point to a problem, one that has gone unnoticed until you started to experience sensitivity or tooth pain. As a cavity worsens, you become more vulnerable to an infection. Once one forms, you can suffer from discomfort and other problems that are difficult to ignore. Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office is prepared to help you find out why your tooth is aching and what can be done to treat the issue. Through a root canal, we can address trouble within the tooth structure that stems from advanced decay or an injury.

How Worried Should You Be About Your Aching Tooth?

If your tooth has suffered from a consistent ache, or if you are worried about the amount of pain you are in, you should let your dentist know. Doing so as soon as possible will lower your risk for complications if your tooth is suffering from an internal problem. Issues within the pulp, the tooth’s central chamber, can generate concerns around pain and sensitivity. Infections can also cause issues with the swelling of tissues around the tooth, a change in its color, and concerns about tooth loss.

Scheduling A Root Canal To Address Dental Discomfort

By having your oral health needs checked after pain starts, you can enjoy the appropriate restorative dental work before there are further issues to resolve. A root canal treatment will remove bacteria and unhealthy tissues within the pulp to stop the spread of harm. You can then have protection in the form of the sealing of your pulp. This work can stop you from experiencing further complications, but something will still have to be done to protect your tooth. We can offer that protection with a dental crown that offers cosmetic and oral health support.

We Can Also Use A Crown To Effectively Restore Your Tooth

Dental crowns are placed over teeth that have been through procedures that call for more than just the placement of dental fillings. This kind of protection is needed when you have a root canal; once in position, the restoration will surround the remaining structure to defend it and provide bite support on its behalf.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Booking A Root Canal

By booking a root canal to address your ongoing issues with pain and/or sensitivity, you can stop complications with poor tooth health before you face new, more serious problems. For more information on how we can help, contact any of our locations below:

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