Daily pain is certainly a cause for concern. When your aches and pains affect your face, neck, and head, you could have an oral health issue, one that your Corona, CA dentist can address. Our practice can evaluate you to determine if you need treatment for TMJ disorder. If so, we can determine your issues with poor jaw alignment and proceed to treat it in a way that offers lasting relief. By taking on this problem, we can alleviate the different kinds of discomfort that can impact you in your daily life. We can provide additional support by looking out for any other oral health problems that are contributing to your difficulties.

Are You Growing Concerned About Daily Discomfort In Your Face And Jaw?

The persistent pain that you feel in your face and jaw can be traced back to problems with joint alignment and uneven movements when you bite, chew, and speak. Those awkward movements can put strain on your joints and muscles, which can lead to worsening tension that makes discomfort hard to avoid. Additional problems that you experience can include headaches, frequent teeth grinding, and pain that is concentrated in your neck and shoulders.

Treating TMJ Disorder To Help Improve Your Bite Function And Quality Of Life

We can evaluate you to see how TMJ disorder is affecting you, and we can assess what we can do to help you resolve the problem. A custom guard that treats problems with your alignment and movement can help you ease tension by adjusting to a more appropriate resting position and movement. The appliances that we create are designed so that they fit individual patients and respond to their specific needs.

How We Respond To Difficulties With Teeth Grinding

Problems with teeth grinding should not be overlooked, as they can cause increasing harm to your teeth. This will lead to embarrassing wear and tear that ages your smile, and it can also cause chips and cracks that damage your enamel. As part of our plan to fully care for you, we can see what kind of support teeth need to be fully restored. That may mean having cosmetic dental work to regain the smile you want to show off, but it can sometimes mean placing dental crowns on vulnerable teeth.

Talk To Your Corona, CA Dentist About Starting TMJ Treatment For Pain Relief!

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