The ordinary movements you use to bite, chew, and speak can become painful when you have untreated problems with your jaw. TMJ disorder can arise for a variety of reasons. When it starts to impact you, a visit to your Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office can help. Through an evaluation and subsequent treatment, we can address an imbalance in your bite movement and see to it that you no longer put undue pressure on the joints and muscles because of poor alignment. As part of your care, we will evaluate you to determine if there are any other oral health issues that are linked to your difficult condition and recommend the appropriate care in response.

Are You Growing Concerned About Pain Linked To Jaw Movement?

If you start to suffer pain or stiffness in the face and jaw whenever you bite and chew, or when you start to deal with more frequent headaches and teeth grinding difficulties, an appointment to discuss TMJ disorder can help. With an evaluation, we can assess whether your troubles point to an issue with uneven or limited bite movement that is linked to poor joint alignment. Recognizing that this is the case can then lead to a response that corrects the imbalance and reduces pressure and pain.

Planning Treatment To Address TMJ Problems

An evaluation of your bite health and movement will determine if you should pursue TMJ treatment. If so, we can look at the advantages to care with a custom oral appliance that corrects jaw movement and resting position. Appliance therapy is also helpful for those individuals who struggle with this problem because they have related difficulties with bruxism, an issue with habitual teeth grinding that often causes nighttime grinding and clenching.

When Your Oral Health Impacts Your Bite Function

It can be difficult to maintain an even bite if you have a problem with malocclusion, or if you need to do something about a tooth that is in poor condition. When problems that impact your bite health are present, we can include their treatment in our larger goal of restoring your appropriate jaw movement. Doing so can take the form of discreet treatment with Invisalign aligners if your problem is with poor spacing. If you have problems with teeth in poor condition, we can recommend dental crowns that support your bite and preserve your smile.

Talk To Your Moreno Valley, CA Dentist About Uncomfortable Jaw Movement

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