The painful problems you experience with awkward, uneven, and stiff jaw movement can impact your quality of life in ways that are hard to simply ignore. Letting these issues continue unaddressed means more discomfort, as well as the onset of more frequent headaches, and it can also lead to the start of a destructive teeth grinding habit. Fortunately, this is a matter that your Riverside, CA dentist is prepared to address. Through the appropriate review and treatment, we can see to it that your problem with TMJ disorder no longer impacts your quality of life! We can also look at treating any damage from teeth grinding as well as problems with tooth health and structure that might have compromised your bite movements.

Does TMJ Disorder Currently Affect Your Quality Of Life?

The impact of TMJ disorder on your comfort levels and general enjoyment of your day can be hard to ignore. Every time you try to eat a meal or snack, the limited or uncomfortable movement of your jaw can create issues for you. Problems with facial discomfort, neck and shoulder stiffness, and headaches can also become frequent points of concern. Those who develop bruxism—persistent teeth grinding issues—as part of their difficulties will be at risk for more than just pain, stiffness, and sensitivity. This is because grinding gradually wears down enamel. This can lead to problems that are serious enough to call for cosmetic dental work or restorative dentistry!

Planning Treatment To Improve Your Jaw Health

By planning treatment to take on TMJ disorder, you can improve daily life by ridding yourself of persistent discomfort. We will perform a close review to determine what your bite troubles are, as well as to see what kind of treatment can help. Custom oral appliances are created to help patients adjust to more natural and comfortable bite movements. When appropriate, we can also make plans to restore your oral health through treatment of teeth that do not support your dental function.

Taking On Dental Health Issues That Interfere With Your Bite Function

You may have trouble applying uniform pressure when you bite because your teeth are not even, or because of a tooth that is damaged or small. If one or more dental problems is present, we may need to treat it as a means of correcting larger TMJ concerns. Fortunately, this work can lead to better function while still preserving your smile, as we rely on restorations that imitate healthy enamel.

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