dental cleaningThe fight for proper oral hygiene begins at home, but we maintain it through regular trips to the dentist. In general, two appointments per year allow you to prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar that contributes to tooth decay. Your dental hygienist will review the efforts of your daily brushing and flossing and perform a gentle cleaning, then the dentist will inspect the current health of your teeth and gums. This examination can identify further issues and recommended treatments when necessary At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we stress the importance of standard checkups and cleanings to prevent unsightly decay.

Why We Encourage Exams and Cleanings

Many oral health problems take weeks and months to develop. By attending regular appointments on a semiannual basis, we can detect issues such as tooth decay and gum disease often before the patient experiences physical discomfort. Through routine cleaning, we help prevent issues with bad breath, stained teeth, formation of cavities, and even gum infections. From childhood through adulthood, periodic examination prevents extensive damage from decay and other threats. Remember that routine cleanings are more conservative than the work required to treat the effects of long term oral health neglect.

Imaging Helps With The Detection Of Threats

From time to time the dentist will use sophisticated imaging technology to inspect possible problems with your mouth. The use of digital x-rays and intraoral cameras allow the discovery of oral health problems unseen by the naked eye. In their early stages, cavities may only be detected through this method. Furthermore, imaging can catch oral cancer in its earlier stages. Remember that early detection is key to seeking recovery and schedule your examination accordingly!

No Need For Embarrassment

It is common to fear judgment from others after ignoring the upkeep of your teeth. Do not allow embarrassment to prevent you from reinstating a six month checkup plan with your dentist if your attendance record is less than perfect. In fact, your dental team can counsel you on any reasons you may have been avoiding them in the first place. Their main concern is your physical wellbeing and the overall health of your mouth.

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It is never too late to commit to the habit of semi-annual dental visits. The combination of at-home care and in-office visitation can prevent the need for future restorative services. For more information, contact us at the location nearest you!

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