woman in dentist's officeGood oral hygiene is important for your self-esteem, confidence, and overall physical health. Experts recommend at least 2 dental check-ups per year- but with all the responsibilities and pressures of day-to-day life, it can be easy to put your oral health on the back-burner. However, these visits are very important in the fight against tooth decay, just like daily brushing and flossing. At Riverside Dental Group, we encourage you to put yourself first and schedule the routine professional dental check-ups you require to stay healthy.

Why Your Teeth Need Professional Cleaning

You might be avoiding the dentist because you have been worried they will judge you for being less than diligent about your dental hygiene. In fact, this is all the more reason to go to the dentist! They can clear any tartar or plaque that have hardened or accumulated on your teeth that cannot be removed by brushing and flossing alone. Your dentist might even suggest easy ways to make up for any damage that has been done by skipping appointments, like an enamel based toothpaste for any stomach acid erosion, or if you are averse to flossing, they might recommend a Waterpik or dental soft picks. 

Even if it’s been more than 6 months since your last check-up, don’t be shy about making an appointment. Dentists are medical professionals, and they are here to help you have and maintain a healthy smile through treatment and education.

The Importance of Preventative Care

Some people might put off going to the dentist because they feel they are good about regularly brushing and flossing, so seeing a professional is not necessary. While good dental hygiene starts at home, it is not a safeguard against all bacteria and decay. Cavities can still form in hard to reach places between teeth that are missed while flossing. If you are a grinder, your teeth are especially susceptible to cavities even if you brush twice a day. A professional cleaning can eliminate bacteria or tartar build-up in problem areas before it becomes something more serious. 

Also, even if your teeth look healthy on the outside, you never know what’s going on inside. This is why dental X-rays are so important- dentists can see any areas with decay where cavities are beginning to develop. They might prescribe fluoride toothpaste, so you can protect those areas at home- but it’s still important to go back every 6 months to make sure the decay has not accelerated. Prolonging these visits gives the cavities time to grow until you need a filling; if the decay gets bad enough that it reaches the root of the tooth, you may need a root canal

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