closeup woman pointing to clear alignerAre your teeth as straight as you would like? It can be hard to fully enjoy your personal appearance when your teeth make you feel self-conscious. While our daily oral hygiene routine can address bad breath and prevent the onset of oral health threats, the problem of dental malocclusion is best addressed by in-0ffice visits. To bring your teeth into position, our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office offers a discreet solution. Invisalign® clear aligner therapy can improve the placement of your bite without drawing attention to the treatment apparatus itself.

No Need To Feel Insecure With Your Grin

Problems with the crowding or excessive spacing of teeth may garner negative attention from your peers. Certain dental misalignments can even interfere with your ability to properly clean your teeth, leading to future cavity development, bad breath, or even gum disease. Seeking a solution for your cosmetic appearance provides great health benefits as well! A custom set of Invisalign aligners easily allow you to brush and floss normally because they can be removed and replaced at will. You may also continue enjoying your normal diet, as you can remove your trays when you eat.

Your Invisalign Aligner Trays Are Custom Made For Your Smile

At consultation, your dentist will perform a comprehensive measurement of your smile to tailor the creation of your clear aligner treatment. The treatment is comprised of multiple sets of patented flexible plastic trays that will target the movement of any teeth that are out of position. At recommended intervals, you will move from one aligner to the next. Your dentist will schedule a series of in-office inspections to judge the progress of the treatment. Remember that the treatment’s success corresponds to your adherence to wearing the trays as instructed. Poor adherence can lengthen the total time required to complete your realignment.

Maintaining Your Straight Teeth

After completing Invisalign treatment, your dentist may suggest the use of a permanent retainer. This device prevents the teeth from shifting to their original position and reversing the work of your clear aligner procedure. There are several types of retainer and our team can identify which best suits your needs.

Talk To Your Moreno Valley, CA Dentist About Care With Invisalign!

Invisalign treatment can correct problems with teeth that are not properly spaced. You can make the adjustments you would like to see without the use of metal appliances. For more information about this or any other solution, please call any of our locations near you at:

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