elderly woman smileLosing a tooth to injury or disease is unfortunate, but it can happen to Americans of all ages. If you have recently experienced a loss, you know how frustrating adjusting to your new look can be, although a gap in your smile is not just a cosmetic issue. Tooth loss is felt at every meal when you must shift your bite to work around the open space. This can lead to pain and stiffness as your jaw muscles contract at unnatural angles. Remaining teeth move into the new area, becoming loose as they lose the support of a neighbor. This means you are susceptible to further loss as long as the problem is left untreated. Your Moreno Valley, CA dentist  recognizes this potential danger and offers practical restoration through placement of a dental implant. This treatment allows for the attachment of a prosthetic above your gumline to improve both the function of your bite and the natural look of a full set of teeth.

Dental Implants Strengthen Your Jaw

We prefer installing dental implants when appropriate because they provide unique support to the health of your jawbone. Whenever a tooth is lost, you lose critical stimulation of the bone provided by your tooth’s root. When present, this sends a signal to your brain to provide important nutrients to the bone for maintaining its health. When you lose the root, the brain no longer knows that the bone is being used and diverts resources elsewhere, so the jaw begins to lose density. Placing a titanium post directly into your bone allows us to replace the stimulation from roots. We can then attach a dental crown or other restoration and provide the transfer of stimulating force to your jaw when you bite and chew. When we address this problem promptly, we help prevent further loss of teeth from deteriorating jawbone health.

Maintaining Your Restoration

After receiving an implant and prosthetic restoration, you should continue to attend regularly scheduled cleanings and examinations. At each visit, we can evaluate the improvement to your bite’s function and assist you in protecting your overall oral health. Working together allows you and your dentist to prevent additional tooth loss and maintain a healthy smile!

Visit Your Moreno Valley, CA Dentist And Discover The Benefits Of A Dental Implant!

Dental implants enhance your appearance and return your ability to bite with ease. This custom approach supports the health of your jawbone and can help prevent potential future tooth loss. To schedule a visit, call any of our dental offices near you:

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