woman smiling blue backgroundLosing one of your teeth can put a real strain on your ability to enjoy a normal day. You might be surprised at how many different activities are affected when you no longer have a full set of teeth. Some people develop a speech impediment as they struggle to form certain sounds around the gap in their smile. If you’re missing front teeth, you may have trouble tearing up your food at mealtime, while losing a molar affects your ability to properly grind it. This annoying problem can even create future threats to your oral health if not treated in a professional manner. Fortunately, your Temecula, CA dentist’s office can treat a missing tooth with the placement of a dental implant. This solution allows for the attachment of a prosthetic restoration above your gumline that returns your ability to properly bite while restoring the appearance of a natural tooth. You no longer have to suffer the daily discomfort of tooth loss!

Dental Implants Provide Sturdy Support

When your teeth are healthy, the act of biting transfers force through the tooth’s root into your jawbone and signals your brain that the bone is in use. This tells the brain to provide vital nutrients for continued support of the bone itself. Conversely, when you lose a tooth, your brain stops receiving the signal to provide nourishment. This can lead to bone degradation that threatens the health of remaining teeth and even cause future losses. By inserting a dental implant directly into your jawbone, we can return that important signal when you chew with an accompanying prosthetic restoration.

Dental Crowns That Mimic Natural Teeth

To replace a missing tooth, we can attach a dental crown to an abutment on your implant that imitates the shape and function of a real tooth. We will select the material and shade of your restoration to match the appearance of your neighboring teeth and enhance the esthetic quality of your smile. After receiving your implant and crown, you can continue to practice your normal oral hygiene routine by brushing and flossing the restoration as well . We will evaluate the status of your treatment at subsequent checkups and continue to support the overall health of your smile!

Call Your Temecula, CA Dentist And Discover The Benefits Of A Dental Implant!

Implant dentistry addresses the harm of losing a tooth. The correct approach to restorative treatment returns your natural appearance while providing functional support. To schedule an appointment, call any of our dental offices near you:

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