man with toothache holding clipboardConsistent pain and discomfort in your mouth or jaw is not an issue to take lightly. Tell your dentist about these symptoms right away so we may explore treatment to provide appropriate relief. You may discover that the cause of your suffering is not a cavity or infection, but the impending arrival of your wisdom teeth. The final set of molars typically arrives in your late teen years or twenties and can cause significant harm for certain patients. They may push into neighboring molars and shift your previously healthy alignment. You can experience painful cracking of your enamel as the new teeth attempt to fit into a jaw that is simply too small to comfortably accommodate their appearance. Sometimes, your wisdom teeth fail to completely emerge and cause severe pain by becoming impacted. Your Riverside, CA dentist is standing by to monitor the arrival of your wisdom teeth and perform extractions to treat pain and prevent other harm to your oral health.

Examining The Movement Of Wisdom Teeth

As you progress through adolescence and into adulthood, your final set of molars arrive in your mouth. As they come into position, they can place painful pressure upon neighboring teeth and sometimes cause significant damage. Crowding and cracking of the enamel can make them susceptible to decay and cavity formation when left untreated. This means that working with your dentist to monitor their arrival can prevent significant damage to your oral health if we recommend performing an extraction. By attending routine examinations, we can use x-rays to monitor the movement of teeth below your gumline and determine if they present a threat.

Performing A Wisdom Teeth Extraction

When we suggest performing a removal, we will use appropriate techniques to maintain your comfort. We will numb your mouth and perform the procedure to remove your final molars. When the surgery is over, we will provide guidance for enjoying a full recovery. Taking care to choose soft foods and avoiding suction from straws or smoking will protect your sockets as they heal over the coming days. To prevent any possible infection, we may also provide antibiotic treatment over the recovery period.

Speak With Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Removing your third molars can prevent them from causing serious pain. When not treated in a timely manner, they can also cause issues with your dental alignment. For more information on how we extract your wisdom teeth and to schedule a visit, please reach out to any of our locations at the following:

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