Man suffering a toothacheIf you currently have a pain in your tooth that will not go away, it could be a sign of a significant oral health problem. Constant aching may indicate tooth decay that has expanded in its severity. Left untreated, a cavity exposes the insides of your tooth to outside bacteria that can require an invasive procedure to preserve the health of your mouth and save your tooth. When the inner structure becomes infected, a root canal therapy can remove decaying tissue and remove the source of your pain. Your Corona, CA dentist  offers this procedure as an alternative to extracting your infected tooth. After removing the infection, we can increase the strength of your tooth with the placement of a durable dental crown that supports your bite.

When Tooth Pain Indicates Bacterial Infection

Whenever you experience dental pain that does not dissipate, you need to inform your dentist right away. While temporary aches may not require professional treatment, consistent pain can indicate a bacterial infection in the pulp of your tooth. When tooth decay or physical injury expose the inner structure, oral bacteria can enter and cause painful inflammation. At this point, your dentist can provide a root canal treatment to remove your infection.

Receiving Your Root Canal

A root canal procedure removes the source of infection that causes your constant tooth pain. Your dentist will begin by numbing the tooth and surrounding area to provide comfort. Using special tools, they will access the inner structure and remove infected tissues. Because this process permanently alters the tooth, it must be sealed to prevent oral bacteria from reinfecting the affected area. We can then plan a more permanent restoration for placement at a future visit.

Placing A Dental Crown

A dental crown can cap your tooth completely above your gumline to prevent future infection. Because your tooth has been injured and becomes weaker, this restoration returns vital strength to support the force of your bite. You can enjoy a pleasant smile as modern materials allow your prosthetic to mimic the shade and shape of a natural tooth.

Talk To Your Corona, CA Dentist About The Benefits Of Root Canal Therapy!

When constant pain indicates an infection of your tooth, you must seek treatment or risk losing the tooth. To remove the infected tissues, we can perform a root canal therapy and provide a lifelike restoration to restore your bite. To schedule a visit, call any of our dental offices near you:

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