Young man looking confusedIf you have pain in one of your teeth that lasts multiple days, it can indicate a serious oral health problem. When a toothache interrupts your ability to comfortably speak and eat, a bacterial infection may be the underlying cause. While temporary pains that subside are no reason for alarm, you should seek immediate professional treatment for consistent dental pain.

At your Temecula, CA dentist’s office, we can evaluate the health of your tooth and provide treatment when necessary. When we detect an infection, we can perform a root canal to reduce inflammation and clear decaying material. We will then work with you to plan a restoration to return the healthy shape of your tooth and protect its insides from reinfection.

When Bacteria Infect Your Tooth’s Root

You should never ignore a consistent toothache because it may indicate bacterial infection. Informing your dentist gives us the ability to determine if you require a procedure to relieve your pain. When decay or physical trauma breaks the protective seal of your tooth’s surface, the inside structure becomes susceptible to oral bacterial infection. As bacteria take hold, your body’s inflammatory process causes pain as swelling tissues push against the sensitive endings of your nerves. When the infection is not removed, it risks spreading beyond the mouth to other parts of your body, so seek treatment accordingly.

Root Canal Therapy Removes Infection

A root canal allows your dentist to access the inside of your tooth and remove the infection within. We will numb your surrounding tissues before performing the procedure to provide comfort throughout. Because accessing the root permanently alters the outer structure of your tooth, we will place a temporary seal for protection. We will then schedule an appointment to place a permanent restoration.

Receiving Your Dental Crown

To complete your recovery from infection, we can place a dental crown to protect your tooth from future damage and return its normal bite. If we fail to seal the tooth in a timely manner, you may risk reinfection, so seek crown placement quickly after receiving your root canal.

Talk To Your Temecula, CA Dentist About The Benefits Of Root Canal Therapy!

If you have consistent pain in a tooth, we can determine if a bacterial infection is present. We can remove your infection with root canal therapy and place a restoration to restore your smile. To schedule a visit, call any of our dental offices near you:

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