Man inspecting teeth in mirrorExploring all of your options to straighten your teeth can help you decide which service best serves your concerns. While each orthodontic solution approaches the same goal of a more uniform smile, they can differ in the esthetic and functional benefits they provide throughout your treatment period. You can enjoy a more beautiful smile while enhancing your oral health at the same time. Because straight teeth are easier to clean, orthodontic correction helps prevent the spread of tooth decay and gum disease that threaten a crooked smile.

At your Corona, CA, dentist’s office, we can help you decide which service is best for correcting how your smile appears. After inspecting your bite, we can determine your degree of misalignment and determine which appliances are appropriate. By considering each device, you will learn the differences between traditional bracket-and-wire braces and Invisalign clear aligners when selecting your orthodontic solution.

Treating Your Dental Misalignment

Orthodontic correction can provide self-confidence when your teeth come into a more desirable position for displaying to others. In addition to improving how your smile appears, this service greatly improves the function of your bite as each pair of teeth on either row comes into proper contact. When your teeth are uneven, the pressure of your bite distributes disproportionately and can lead to accelerated wear. This erodes the enamel on your tooth’s surface which removes protection against decay and infection. Misaligned teeth are susceptible to cracking or chipping and can even become yellow as you lose the outer layer that provides their bright white look. To prevent experiencing the consequences of an uneven bite, seek an orthodontic solution that fits your lifestyle.

Invisalign Clear Aligners

We can provide Invisalign clear aligners to gradually bring your teeth into a straighter alignment. Invisalign provides a series of trays that discreetly achieve desirable results. Because they are made from a translucent material, aligners are undetectable as you go about your day. Their ease of removal also allows you to practice your regular brushing and flossing routine without interference.

Traditional Braces

When you experience a more serious malocclusion, traditional bracket-and-wire braces can reposition teeth that are not served by alternatives. This appliance connects a metal wire through a system of brackets that we place on each tooth. Throughout your treatment, we adjust the tension of the wire to straighten your smile.

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