Man with toothache holding brushIf you have a consistent ache in one of your teeth that last for days, it can be a sign of a serious problem that needs inspection by your dentist. When tooth decay or physical injury damages the protective layer of your tooth’s enamel, holes in its surface can allow oral bacteria to reach the inner pulp. Left untreated, this infection causes a painful inflammatory response and risks causing an abscess or spreading throughout other parts of your body such as your jaw.

Your Riverside, CA, dentist has years of experience helping treat the painful symptoms of a tooth infection. By visiting our practice, we can inspect your problem tooth and determine if root canal therapy is necessary to provide relief. This procedure can remove your bacterial infection and reduce your pain. Because a root canal permanently alters its structure, we can work with you to place a restoration that returns the function and appearance of your healthy natural tooth.

When Oral Bacteria Infects Your Tooth’s Pulp

A throbbing pain emanating from one of your teeth usually indicates an infection of the pulp. The pain may come in waves or remain constant throughout your day without resolving on its own. Because of their potential complications and severity of symptoms, we can treat your infection with an emergency dental appointment. Call our practice and we will see you as soon as possible to provide relief. Left untreated, a bacterial infection can spread deeper into the gums or jawbone and contribute to additional tissue damage.

Performing A Root Canal Therapy To Remove Your Infection

When we treat your infection with a root canal, we will first apply an anesthetic to the area to prevent pain when we operate on your tooth. This is because your comfort is of prime importance to us during your treatment. Then we will use special tools to access your inner pulp and remove infected and decaying material. To prevent reinfection by oral bacteria, we will apply a temporary seal to protect your tooth while you recover. We will then plan a restoration to return your biting ability with a dental crown that covers the entire tooth above your gumline.

Speak With Your Riverside, CA, Dentist About The Benefits Of Root Canal Therapy!

Whenever you have a constant toothache, do not wait to tell your dentist. We can help you determine if an infection is present, and perform root canal therapy to relieve your pain. To schedule a visit, call any of our dental offices near you:

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