Business woman smiling with arms crossedMaintaining a healthy smile requires focusing on your gums in addition to your teeth. Your gums can be just as important as they create a seal between your jaw and teeth to secure your smile in place. Because this tissue prevents oral bacteria from entering your jaw and causing an infection, preventing the gums from becoming infected or receding themselves should be a top priority for oral health. When you follow a regular hygienic routine that includes brushing and flossing, you remove bacterial deposits that can infect your gums and affect the stability of your entire smile. To support your daily cleaning sessions, semiannual visits to the dentist inspect the results of your daily brushing. We can remove bacterial material that you cannot handle on your own at home and detect when any gum infection occurs. When caught in its first stage, gum disease is reversible, so make sure to attend each of your general cleanings.

At your Corona, CA dentist’s office, we promote healthy gums by stressing the importance of regular cleaning and examinations. At each appointment, we remove plaque and tartar deposits that cause gum disease and inspect the health of your gingival tissues. When we detect an infection, we can place you on periodontal maintenance therapy to reduce inflammation and prevent the disease from expanding.

Protecting Your Gums By Removing Plaque

Brushing and flossing your teeth each day does not just prevent cavities from forming. Your oral hygiene routine removes the bacterial deposits that can infect your gum tissue as well. By prioritizing visiting the dentist regularly, you receive the benefit of professional cleaning and examination of your oral health. At each cleaning, we check for signs that indicate infection such as bleeding and inflammation. When we discover gum disease in its first stage, gingivitis, it is possible to cure your infection. Otherwise, we can provide regular periodontal therapy to service your gums when an infection advances.

Periodontal Maintenance

Gum disease progresses to a permanent state when bacterial infection enters your jawbone. Left untreated, your body’s inflammatory response destroys your connective tissues and parts of the bone itself. This process eventually leads to losing teeth as you lose the stability of your gums. Periodontal therapy allows us to go below your gumline to remove plaque and tartar and reduce your disease symptoms.

Speak With Your Corona, CA Dentist About Maintaining Your Gum Health

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