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Are you wondering what options are available to help improve the shade of your teeth? When blemishes and stains affect the enjoyment of your smile, you can become quite disappointed. This individual change in appearance can give a more aged look that does not match your biological years. This common problem occurs when the food and drinks you love leave behind residue that builds on the surface of your enamel. If you use tobacco products, you are more likely to develop teeth staining as well, so take that into consideration. For a professional dental discoloration solution, seek a professional teeth whitening treatment to tackle unsightly stains and return a healthy look!

At your Moreno Valley, CA dental practice, we know how important a bright smile can be to your self-confidence. This is why we offer custom bleaching treatments to break up stains in your teeth and return the original white appearance of your enamel. By visiting us for a whitening session, you can return pride to your grin once again!

How Stains And Blemishes Gather On Your Enamel

Throughout your lifetime, you can expect your teeth to lose a bit of their shine and become slightly yellow, but accelerated discoloration can be a cause for concern that requires your attention. Focusing on contributing factors you can control can help prevent and reverse the buildup of stains so pay attention to your daily oral habits. Using tobacco in its various forms is a major contributor to turning teeth yellow and leaving dark stains. Drinks such as coffee, wine, and tea also contain particles that contribute to your staining problem, but drinking water can help you avoid this issue. People with poor oral hygiene tend to develop plaque buildup that causes a yellow appearance, so maintain your daily oral routine by brushing and flossing every single day. Remember that semiannual visits for cleanings help remove bacterial deposits that threaten your teeth’s shine!

A Professional Whitening Solution

When you visit our office for a professional whitening treatment, we can provide immediate results to return the bright look of your teeth in a single visit. For patients who prefer at-home treatment, we can provide a takeaway kit that grants the same benefits of white teeth over about two weeks.

Talk To Your Moreno Valley, CA, Dentist About Enhancing The Color Of Your Smile!

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