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Are your teeth as bright as you would like them to be? If stains or discoloration have begun to build on their surface, it can rob you of enjoying showing off your smile. While somewhat common, blemishes can cause quite a distraction when socializing and take their toll on your pride in your appearance. Avoiding certain food and drinks can help reduce the continued accumulation of marks, but a professional whitening treatment can return your original white shade.

At your Corona, CA dental practice, we offer services for all aspects of your oral care. From routine cleanings and oral surgery to more cosmetic procedures, we have your smile covered. For problems with blemishes within your enamel, we can provide a bleaching treatment that returns the natural, white look of your enamel.

When Your Teeth Begin To Lose Their Clean Look

While it is natural for your teeth to darken somewhat throughout an entire lifetime, rapid discoloration can bring about a look that ages you beyond your actual age. When you know what factors contribute to this effect, you can reduce the development of surface stains and blemishes. If you use tobacco in any of its forms, this can quickly turn your teeth yellow or leave dark streaks. You may find certain drinks have more of a staining effect on your smile than others. Pay attention to how your smile looks after drinking coffee, tea, or wine, to determine if these are the cause of your discolored look. Drinking water can help you avoid any particles that take root in your enamel. Stay on top of your routine dental exams, as plaque buildup causes a yellow appearance when not promptly removed.

Professional Whitening Treatment

We could provide a professional whitening solution to provide you with a brighter, whiter smile. When you visit our office, we can examine the nature of your discoloration and determine if this treatment is appropriate. With a single visit to our practice, we can improve your confidence and offer a more youthful appearance. While an in-office procedure takes one to two hours, we also provide take-home kits for patients who would like to brighten their smiles on their own.

Speak With Your Corona, CA, Dentist About Improving The Color Of Your Smile!

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