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When you begin deciding to fix problems with the spacing of your teeth, there are multiple options for orthodontic correction. Knowing the benefits of each solution can help you narrow down which treatment is best for your condition and lead to a pleasing outcome. Depending upon the extent of your malocclusion or other factors such as your age, you may greatly prefer one over the other. For instance, traditional metal braces have the most force to move teeth teeth into a desired position and thus can help correct complex tooth issues. On the other hand, you may find clear aligners much more esthetically pleasing during your treatment period.

At your Temecula, CA dental practice, we can help you straighten your smile whether you are a teen or a grandparent! When you discuss your options for orthodontic care with a member of our team, we can help lead you to the treatment that works best for you. Our practice places both traditional braces and clear aligners from Invisalign to provide healthier smiles that are easy on the eye!

When To Correct The Spacing Of Your Teeth

You may initially begin exploring treatment for spacing issues with your smile for the cosmetic benefits. After all, when your teeth are in a more uniform position, they can be pleasing to observe. But the oral health benefits of a straighter smile can outweigh the esthetic payoff for many as well. When teeth are crooked or crowd together, it is difficult to clean their entire surface. Once straight, your oral hygiene improves as you have full access when brushing or flossing, and your risk of cavities can go way down.

Wearing Invisalign

We offer Invisalign clear aligners for correcting your smile discreetly. These removable custom trays are worn throughout the day but taken out when you eat and clean your teeth. Invisalign is a great option for sliding into your lifestyle undisturbed.

Bracket-And-Wire Braces

Traditional braces can provide a level of correction unmatched by other treatments. If you have a severe case of malocclusion, we could reposition your teeth into a more symmetrical position with the power of brackets and an archwire.

Talk To Your Temecula, CA, Dentist About Orthodontic Correction For Your Smile!

If your smile is not as straight as you would like it to be, there are multiple options to provide orthodontic correction. Services such as braces and Invisalign are not only for teens! Enjoy a pleasing grin at any age. For more information or to schedule a visit, please call any of our locations near you at:

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