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Problems with your smile are often unexpected. You could wake up with a serious toothache or learn that you have a cavity at your dental checkup. Sometimes physical trauma can injure or even knock out one of your teeth. When damage occurs to the surface of a tooth, it is vital to have it inspected right away. While certain harm may seem superficial, any break to the enamel can increase your chances of decay or infection.

At your Corona, CA dental practice, we can repair your smile when experience an injury to one of your teeth. By scheduling an appointment, we will create a treatment plan that addresses both the cosmetic and functional aspects of your grin!

Identifying The Need For A Restoration

When your teeth are healthy, their outer enamel layer protects them from bacteria that live inside your mouth. Oral bacteria combine with particles of your meals to form sticky plaque films that threaten decay and gum infection. If the protective outer layer breaks, plaque can more easily infect the inside of your tooth, leading to painful complications. As the tooth wears down, your alignment suffers, which can compound the risks to your oral health. By scheduling an emergency visit, we can repair your tooth right away after an unfortunate injury.

Placing A Dental Filling

Dental fillings allow us to restore the outer layer of your tooth after removing decay from a cavity. While drilling your tooth removes the current decay process, failing to reseal the tooth would leave it open to easy reinfection. Relying upon modern composite resin material allows us to shade your restoration to your natural tooth. By applying a special light, we can accelerate the settling of your filling to complete before you leave our office!

Receiving A Dental Crown

A dental crown is a versatile tool that can repair damage beyond the capabilities of a standard filling. By capping entirely above your gumline, a crown recreates the entire appearance of the injured tooth. When performing a root canal to remove an infection of your inner pulp chamber, we could place a crown to return your bite while saving your tooth’s root.

Talk To Your Corona, CA, Dentist About Restoring Your Smile

Dental restorations allow you to maintain a healthy smile after suffering decay, infection, or physical trauma. To schedule a visit or ask any questions about our services, call any of our dental offices near you:

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