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As time goes on, your smile can take one minor streaks and stains that become more significant. By taking a look at recent photographs, you can compare how your smile’s shade currently appears to the past. While your smile may be otherwise completely healthy, a yellow tint can cause others to question your oral health. If you could benefit from an image boost, we invite you to explore your options for professional teeth whitening today. Because everyone’s condition is unique, we offer multiple treatments to help you decide how to best tackle discoloration!

At your Corona, CA, dental office, we perform cosmetic procedures in addition to our restorative and preventive treatments. We believe that your smile’s appearance can play a significant role in your supporting your confidence when it makes you feel proud. Because your smile is the center of attention whenever you speak or laugh, any changes in its look can change the impressions that you make on a day-to-day basis! To learn more about how quickly we can lift stains from your teeth, schedule a visit at your earliest convenience.

Taking An Active Role In Preventing Discoloration

Learning to differentiate between which causes of discoloration are due to your behaviors can help you preserve its shade in the future. If it has been longer than you would like to admit since your last cleaning and exam, preventive dental care removes plaque that builds a sticky yellow film on the center of your smile. In addition to removing a yellow shade from your enamel, regular cleanings help prevent the corrosive erosion of this protective layer itself from oral bacteria.

We suggest paying attention to certain food and drinks that may leave stains behind on your grin. Coffee, tea, soda, and red wine are all common culprits when it comes to dental discoloration. Please consider stopping all tobacco use as it can quickly tar your teeth in any of its forms.

Book A Teeth Whitening Session Today

If you have an upcoming social or professional engagement, a professional whitening session can help boost your image in a single afternoon! By applying a powerful gel to the surface of your smile, we accelerate its stain-lifting power with a special light that activates the chemicals within. We can also create a take-home kit to provide the same results at a more gradual pace.

Find Out More About Whitening Your Teeth With Your Corona, CA, Dentist

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