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Over the years, your smile can start to lose its bright, white sheen. Teeth that are otherwise perfectly healthy can build up stains within the enamel that take a toll on your appearance. Because your teeth play such a central role in your image, we invite you to explore your treatment options when stains begin to appear. We can examine your smile to determine the nature of your discoloration and provide whitening solutions to lift marks from the surface and return your original look!

At your Moreno Valley, CA, dental practice, we offer cosmetic procedures that focus on the aesthetic appearance of your smile. When you sit with one of our dentists, we can design a comprehensive treatment plan to help you achieve your smile goals. You may be surprised at how much improvement an individual treatment can provide. By relying on our professional expertise, you can avoid complications that arise when attempting to whiten your teeth with an over-the-counter product.

Activities To Help You Prevent Dental Stains

While you may have no control over certain causes of discoloration, focusing on behaviors that maintain the shade of your smile can have a big effect. Prioritizing your routine dental checkups helps you prevent plaque and tartar from accumulating an unappealing yellow film. By removing oral bacteria you also prevent the wearing down of your enamel that can reveal the darker dentin material inside your tooth. Pay attention to common food and drink that can leave stains. If you enjoy soda, coffee, wine, or tea, consider alternatives for those that leave marks. Tobacco is another culprit for dental discoloration. This means quitting smoking or using its other forms can lead to valuable esthetic benefits in addition to increasing your health.

Scheduling A Teeth Whitening Session

When we determine that your discoloration lies inside your tooth’s enamel, we can perform a bleaching session to help lift stains and return your original shade. When you book an in-office treatment, we apply a gel to the surface of your smile and apply a special light to accelerate lifting your stains. To accommodate your schedule, we can also provide a take-home kit that you can apply on your own. This solution works more gradually, typically providing results within one to two weeks.

Find Out More About Whitening Your Teeth With Your Moreno Valley, CA, Dentist

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