Handsome middle age man outdoor portrait.Do you wake up with constant pain or stress in the muscles of your face? Have you noticed any cracks or chips beginning to form on the surface of your teeth? If so, you may exhibit a common oral health problem called bruxism. Characterized by the chronic grinding of one’s teeth, this damage often takes place while you are asleep. But how do you stop behavior that happens when you are unconscious? By speaking to your dentist, we can design a noninvasive oral appliance to protect your teeth while you sleep. By separating each row of teeth from touching one another we stop both trauma to their surfaces as well as stress upon your joints and muscles from chronic clenching. A custom solution goes far beyond a generic storebought mouthguard by fitting the specific contours of your bite to allow you a peaceful night’s rest.

At your Moreno Valley, CA dental office, we are standing by to help you safeguard your smile from clenching and grinding at night. When you visit for a custom oral appliance, we will help you relieve this destructive habit once and for all. Because many patients fail to discover the habit before it has done significant harm, we can discuss further options for restoring your smile afterward.

How You Can Identify Bruxism

To detect a chronic grinding habit, you may ask a family member or loved one to watch over you while you are sleeping. Bruxism can be so loud that they easily hear your teeth moving back and forth. Additionally, it can be easy to see movement in one’s jaw. By discussing these concerns at your next dental checkup, your dentist can inspect the surfaces of your teeth for common signs of wear and tear.

Designing Your Oral Appliance

We will take detailed digital images of your smile to design your custom mouthguard. By wearing your appliance on each row of teeth, your BPA-free guard protects them from damaging the others as you sleep. You may enjoy a more refreshing feeling upon waking as the stress of constant clenching relieves! We can then discuss treatment to repair the appearance of your smile, such as bonding and contouring or placing porcelain veneers.

Learn More About Oral Appliance Therapy For Bruxism

If you suspect a grinding habit is beginning to damage your teeth, we can help at once! To learn more about how an oral appliance can help you treat bruxism, give us a call and speak with our team at one of our six locations!

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