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If your smile is starting to take on stains, it can have a negative effect on your self-confidence. Fortunately, a professional whitening session can treat discoloration to reveal your original white shade below! If your grin is looking a little darker than in recent years, others may begin to question your oral hygiene. While poor brushing and flossing habits can contribute to yellowing teeth, plenty of stains are simply the result of certain food and drinks. By selecting alternative choices for snacks and meals, you can help your smile stay bright for a long time to come!

At your Riverside, CA, dental practice, we focus on the cosmetic aspects of your smile as well as its health. Sometimes completely healthy teeth can begin to gather imperfections, and when this happens we have a variety of treatments available to restore your natural beauty. A whitening session is a wonderful option for receiving an instant improvement in your personal appearance. If you choose to have treatment in our office, we can brighten your smile by several shades within a single afternoon!

What Causes My Teeth To Become Yellow?

While certain factors that contribute to dental discoloration are genetic, many are the result of behaviors you can adapt to preserve the whiter shade of your enamel. When was the last time you attended a cleaning and examination? If it has been longer than you would like to admit, plaque and tartar accumulation can create a yellow hue on the surface of your grin. This means that cleaning offers cosmetic benefits in addition to helping you fight tooth decay!

Common food and drinks are a primary culprit for dental stains. Pay attention to coffee, tea, soda, and wine consumption to tell if they leave behind marks on your smile. Consider alternative drinks to prevent discoloration. Tobacco use in any of its forms can leave behind dark, tarry streaks on your teeth. A brighter appearance is one of many benefits of smoking cessation!

Professional Whitening

Our professional whitening service goes above the strength found in over-the-counter products. When you visit our office, we will examine the extent of your discoloration and create a treatment solution targetted to enhance your smile. We also design take-home kits for you to use at a more gradual pace if you prefer.

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