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When you understand the symptoms of gum infection, you can seek treatment that much more quickly. By learning these common signs, you can catch gingivitis while it is still reversible. Once gum disease reaches the jawbone, it becomes permanent and you will need maintenance therapy for the rest of your life. If your tissues begin to bleed every time you brush, appear sore, or you start having chronically bad breath, give us a call! Advanced gum disease is the primary cause of dental loss for most adults, so preventing this harm helps maintain a healthy smile for years to come!

At your Riverside, CA, dental practice, we do our part to help maintain the strength of your smile. When you attend checkups regularly, we remove plaque and tartar deposits that can inflame your gingival tissues. Your biannual examinations can catch disease symptoms before they get out of hand and lead to swift treatment. By placing you on periodontal maintenance, we can reach below the gumline to remove bacterial deposits that feed your disease.

Protect Your Gums With Routine Dental Checkups

The same behaviors that protect your smile from the wear and tear of tooth decay help support your gums. This is because the same acidic waste that plaque produces causes inflammation in your gums as well as damage to the enamel. As your body responds to irritation, the gum tissue recedes, revealing pockets between your teeth where bacteria can enter. The subsequent infection multiplies the corrosive effect on your gum health and can eventually become permanent. By brushing and flossing each day and attending checkups regularly, we hope to help this never come to pass. But if you do develop gingivitis, our exams should catch it rather quickly.

Scaling And Root Planing

To heal your symptoms, we can perform a scaling and root planing procedure that accesses bacteria deposits below your gumline. By peeling back the gum and clearing your tooth’s root, your tissue reattaches to begin healing. Depending on the extent of your infection, this procedure could take one to four visits. Afterward, practicing rigorous hygiene will help you maintain your smile’s health.

Speak With Your Riverside, CA, Dentist About Treatments To Preserve Your Gums

Give us a call if you suspect a current gum infection! To find out more about this service or any other that we offer, reach out to the dental office near you at the following:

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