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If you experience a toothache that lasts for more than one day, get in contact with your dentist right away! Ignoring this symptom can lead to big trouble down the line. That’s because toothache is a common sign of a dangerous infection that without treatment, can spread to other parts of your body by entering your bloodstream. Infections result from compromised tooth surfaces, so any injury that breaks your enamel presents the opportunity for bacteria to enter your tooth’s inner pulp chamber. By repairing your smile directly after injury, you can greatly reduce the chances of infection. If infections do appear, timely treatment can relieve your pain and restore the appearance and function of the problem area with the strength of a dental crown.

At your Moreno Valley, CA, dental practice, we perform root canal therapy to clear any foreign material from inside your tooth and relieve the pain of infection. This procedure reduces your inflammation by clearing swelling tissue that presses against your sensitive nerves. Because this treatment alters your tooth’s appearance, we provide restorative services afterward to realign your bite.

How Dental Infections Build Inside Your Smile

If a tooth’s outer layer is healthy, it protects the sensitive inside from hundreds of pounds of the force of your bite. It also prevents the thousands of strains of oral bacteria that live within your mouth from accessing the chamber within. By brushing and flossing regularly, you remove plaque buildups that can corrode the protective enamel surface. But poor oral hygiene can lead to cavities that left alone, open your tooth’s structure. This is why regular checkups are so critical to maintaining a healthy smile.  When we discover any dental injury, we will recommend immediate treatment to prevent dangerous infections from taking hold.

Performing A Root Canal

When you have an infection, we can remove it while preserving the majority of your tooth’s structure. We first numb the affected area to ensure your comfort, and then enter the chamber using special tools. By clearing all decay and removing any foreign material, we begin the process that reduces your inflammation. To return the protective seal of your tooth’s enamel, we design a dental crown that covers the entire tooth above your gumline.

Speak With Your Moreno Valley, CA, Dentist About Therapy To Help Relieve Your Toothache

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