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Is your smile as bright as you would like? If your teeth have begun to take on stains or discoloration, exploring your options for whitening can lead to satisfying results. While yellow teeth may be a simple cosmetic issue with otherwise perfect oral health, discoloration may cause others to question your hygiene. Enhancing your appearance can help improve your confidence when you know you look as good as you feel. By paying attention to food, drink, and habits that lead to darker smiles, you can adjust your behavior to preserve your color moving forward. While over-the-counter products may seem convenient, whitening with a professional touch brings the expertise necessary to return your original shade.

At your Moreno, CA, dental practice, we provide various cosmetic dental services to help you up your smile game. When it comes to the color of your teeth, we offer gel-based bleaching services when the source of your discoloration lies within the teeth’s enamel. If we discover your yellow hue is due to the loss of the protective surface enamel itself, we can discuss how porcelain veneers enhance your smile by covering up existing flaws.

Factors That Lead To Dental Discoloration

There are a variety of causes that influence the color of your teeth. Certain properties are largely genetic and cannot be helped, but by understanding the behavioral habits that lead to discolored teeth, you can modify them to enjoy brighter smiles. Pay attention to common drinks such as coffee, tea, wine, and soda. If you notice streaks after enjoying one of these beverages, consider switching to alternative sources of hydration. Tobacco use in any of its forms is another major contributor to dental stains. This is one of many reasons tobacco cessation is a top priority for your cosmetic and healthy well-being.

Scheduling A Professional Whitening Session

When you attend a consult to discuss teeth whitening, we will examine your smile to determine the nature of your discoloration. If stains lie within the enamel, we can provide a bleaching treatment to strip foreign material from your smile’s outer layer. In as little as an hour, you will leave our office with immediate results. For patients who would like to perform this treatment on their own, we create professional-grade kits for you to use at home.

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