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Have you been thinking about ways to correct the spacing of your teeth? If you would like a straighter smile, orthodontics offers convenient options for bringing your teeth into a more uniform position. Each treatment has different benefits that we can help you navigate. Whether you select traditional braces or a set of clear aligners, a straighter smile benefits your oral health in addition to its cosmetic appearance. When your teeth are not crowded or crooked, you can reach the entire surface of each one when brushing and flossing. This means that orthodontics helps you preserve a healthy grin for years to come.

At your Riverside, CA, dental practice, we can examine the extent of your dental misalignment to determine which orthodontic appliance best serves your smile. If you come in with a more severe case of malocclusion, traditional braces provide the strength necessary to provide desirable results. We recommend braces for younger patients who have more malleable jaws that respond to this method as well. If you are concerned about the look of braces, we can discuss a clear alternative with aligner therapy. Either way, bringing your teeth into position will provide a real boost to your confidence!

Receiving A Set Of Bracket-And-Wire Braces

When we place traditional braces, we attach a set of brackets to each tooth that is connected with an archwire woven through each. This wire allows for adjustments at following checkups to continually bring your teeth into the correct position. Each appointment allows us to monitor the progress of your smile correction and see that your new grin is coming in on schedule.

Invisalign Clear Aligners Offer Discreet Smile Improvement

By taking a digital scan of your teeth and other oral structures, we can project what your smile will look like after treatment with Invisalign. Sending this same set of measurements to an offsite lab allows for the creation of a custom set of aligners you will wear for the majority of each day. Because clear aligners are removable, you can enjoy eating, brushing, and flossing without the impairment of a permanent orthodontic appliance. By simply moving on to the next set of trays in your set when you complete your initial pair, clear aligners require less time in the dental chair.

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