Girl With BracesIf you have been exploring your options for straighter teeth, we invite you to visit our practice! While your smile’s appearance is a large draw for pursuing braces or clear aligners, did you know that orthodontics can offer important benefits for your oral health as well? A more uniform smile is easier to clean, helping you fight tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral threats that come with malocclusion. When your teeth are crowded, even a passionate oral hygiene routine can miss pockets of plaque that stick between teeth. By pulling your teeth into a more desirable position, we can reveal the entirety of their surface to your brush and floss, preserving your enamel for years to come!

At your Temecula, CA, dental office, we can evaluate the severity of your misalignment to help you select between your options for orthodontic care. For patients with more extreme bite problems, we suggest traditional bracket-and-wire braces that have the strength necessary to straighten your grin. If you have concerns about the metallic appearance of braces or their permanent position on your teeth, we can also help you explore clear aligner treatment from Invisalign.

Designing A Custom Set Of Traditional Braces

We prefer placing traditional orthodontic braces on our younger patients because their jawbones are more malleable, allowing their teeth to slide into position more quickly than their adult counterparts. If you have a young child, we suggest bringing them to checkups every six months where we will examine the growth of their smile. This dental record allows us to recommend orthodontic correction when they would benefit from it most. We also place braces on our adult patients who want to treat uniformity problems with the spacing of their teeth.

A Discreet Alternative With Invisalign

Invisalign clear aligners offer smile correction with a custom set of BPA-free plastic trays that you wear throughout the majority of your day. Because they are removable, clear aligners allow you to keep up with your oral hygiene without the impediment of a permanent set of brackets and wires. Simply take off your aligners when eating and before brushing and flossing your teeth. We design each tray to fit the specific shape of your teeth so that they are nearly invisible to the naked eye.

Talk To Your Temecula, CA, Dentist About Orthodontic Treatments To Straighten Your Smile!

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