A portrait of happy handsome man standing outdoors, looking at camera.No one enjoys the onset of a toothache. While certain symptoms disappear after a day or so, you should contact your dentist for any pain that lasts longer. This is because toothaches may indicate a dangerous infection that could exit the inside of your dental chamber and spread through the bloodstream. By taking X-rays of your problem area, we can determine if foreign material is present and plan a therapy to relieve your pain. A root canal treatment enters the inside of the tooth to completely clean all decaying material within. We close up the inside with a material called gutta percha and place a dental crown to restore your tooth’s bite. By treating your pain proactively, we prevent the risk of the infection becoming worse.

At your Riverside, CA dental office, we understand that tooth injuries can happen when you least expect them. That is why we offer emergency services to provide immediate treatment outside of your standard cleaning and checkup schedule. When you call our practice, we will give explicit instructions on caring for your pain before you arrive for your visit. After treating your symptoms, we will provide instructions on preventing further damage and review the health of the rest of your smile.

Waking Up With A Dental Infection

For oral bacteria to reach the inside of your tooth’s pulp chamber, a breach in the protective enamel layer must occur. This is why we ask you to report any damage, however minor it may seem, to your smile. While chips and cracks can appear simply superficial, damage to the enamel creates a pathway for decay to take hold and burrow toward your sensitive nerves. While you cannot predict all physical injuries, your daily oral hygiene becomes your primary barrier against decay caused by plaque and tartar. Therefore, make sure to stay on top of your regular checkup schedule.

Relieving Pain With Root Canal Therapy

If an X-ray reveals a tooth infection, we will perform a root canal to clear bacterial deposits inside your tooth. Because this procedure permanently alters the structure of your tooth, we will design a custom dental crown to restore your bite and smile’s beauty. To care for your smile moving forward, practice strict oral hygiene and attend cleanings regularly.

Talk With Your Riverside, CA, Dentist About Therapy To Help Relieve Your Toothache

We are standing by to provide emergency treatment for your tooth infection. To schedule relief, call any of our dental offices near you:

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