Corona, CA, Teeth Whitening

Has your smile started to take on blemishes or stains recently? If your grin is not as bright as it used to be, your dentist can provide helpful tips on returning its shade. By discussing your options for cosmetic treatment, you can lift material from your tooth’s enamel and adopt strategies to maintain its white look for months to come. While a stain or color that begins to dull may not indicate any threat to your oral health, this change in appearance can cause others to question your oral hygiene. But by pursuing your options for professional whitening, you can reveal a smile you are proud to show off. Although store-bought treatments can seem convenient, by working with our team, you receive customized service targeted to the specific needs of your grin.

At your Corona, CA, dental practice, we understand how central a role your smile plays in your appearance. This is why we focus heavily on your smile’s beauty when you visit for a cosmetic consultation. If we detect stains that live inside the outer enamel layer on your teeth, we can design a powerful bleaching treatment to lift foreign material and return your bright white look. If your discoloration problems are due to loss of enamel itself, we also design custom veneers that allow us to select whatever color you choose!

How Teeth Build Stains

What are the common factors behind teeth staining? While some issues that lead to discoloration are genetic, many occur from behaviors you can alter by paying attention to your daily habits. Failure to practice regular oral hygiene can lead to an accumulation of plaque that leaves a sticky yellow film on the surface of your teeth. By scheduling biannual checkups, you receive a cleaning that can clear plaque and tartar. We also suggest stopping any tobacco use if you would like to maintain a healthy, vibrant smile!

Receiving A Professional Whitening Treatment

When we determine that your discoloration is due to marks in the surface enamel, we can provide a professional whitening treatment. This service applies a layer of high-grade bleaching gel that strips foreign material from the dense minerals within your enamel. To accelerate this process, we apply a powerful light and repeat the process until your desired shade appears.

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