Riverside, CA, ToothacheWhen you feel a toothache coming on, it can be a real letdown. The constant pain distracts you from your responsibilities, and it can seem like there is no relief. Please do not ignore this symptom as it could indicate a dangerous dental infection. Without treatment, bacteria can spread to other parts of your body and cause damage throughout. However, by scheduling an emergency dental appointment, we can take an X-ray of your injured tooth and determine if you require a root canal. With the application of a local anesthetic, this procedure should cause no more discomfort than you feel with a dental filling. Because your root canal procedure permanently alters the structure of your tooth, we complete treatment by placing a custom dental crown. These restorations cap the top portion of your injury to return strength to your bite and seal against future reinfection.

At your Riverside, CA, dental practice, we know that an injury to your tooth can happen when you least expect it. Please do not wait until your next checkup to receive treatment. Rather, call us right away, and we will schedule an emergency appointment to perform an exam. With prompt treatment, we can remove foreign material from inside your tooth and have you feeling back to normal quickly!

Why Does My Tooth Hurt?

When a tooth is healthy, the protective layer of enamel on its outside takes on hundreds of pounds of pressure from your bite. This hardest material in the human body also seals the sensitive inner chamber of the tooth against bacteria that live inside your mouth. But when physical injury or the corrosive effect of decay takes hold, you become susceptible to cavities and infection. By reporting any injury to our team, we can repair your tooth before you receive a painful condition.

Performing Your Root Canal

After taking an X-ray of your problem tooth, we will perform a root canal after noticing the presence of an infection. Using special tools, we access the inner chamber of your tooth to clear all foreign and decaying material. We place a material called gutta percha inside the chamber to seal it against future infection. The process is completed by placing a restoration on top of the tooth to return your bite’s strength. Maintain your dental cap by brushing and flossing regularly and attending your cleanings and checkups!

Speak With Your Riverside, CA, Dentist About A Treatment To Heal Your Toothache

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