Moreno Valley, CA, Root CanalIf you wake up with a sudden toothache, it can ruin your entire day. You find yourself unable to concentrate on simple tasks, and enjoying a meal can be impossible. Please do not ignore this condition, but report it to your dentist. A toothache is a common symptom of a dangerous infection that could travel throughout the body without appropriate treatment. Toothaches occur when a break in the tooth’s enamel allows oral bacteria to deposit within the inner chamber. As the body’s inflammatory response swells tissues to fight the infection, the tissue touches your sensitive dental nerve, indicating something is wrong. By taking an X-ray of the problem tooth, we can determine if foreign material lies within and schedule a removal. A root canal treatment clears all decaying material and seals the inner chamber to help prevent reinfection. To finish your treatment, we design and place a dental crown that returns your tooth’s healthy bite and appearance.

At your Moreno Valley, CA dental practice, we understand that injuries can happen when you least expect. That is why we make ourselves available for emergency appointments outside of your standard checkup schedule. We do not want you to wait any longer than necessary before receiving relief for your painful tooth. Fortunately, modern anesthetics ensure that your root canal will feel no more uncomfortable than a standard dental filling.

The Cause Of Your Pain

When a tooth’s outer layer is healthy, it protects the inner portion from hundreds of pounds of your bite’s force. This hardest material in the human body can take a lick and keep on ticking. However, any physical or chemical injury that breaks your enamel’s seal can expose the inner chamber to infection. That is why we ask you to report any injuries no matter how minor to our office. We can examine your tooth to determine if you require a dental bond or filling to repair the enamel’s protection.

Receiving Relief From A Root Canal

At your emergency visit, we will take an X-ray to determine if you need a root canal. If so, we use special tools to completely clear all foreign material from the center of your tooth. Because this procedure permanently alters the outer structure, we place a dental crown that completely covers the tooth above your gumline.

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