Riverside Dental Group of California is here to help you with your dental needs When it comes to your dental hygiene, there is more to worry about than preventing cavities and gum disease. Issues such as TMJ and tooth grinding can harm the health of your teeth, causing sensitivity and discomfort over time. At Riverside Dental Group in California, we can offer a solution for bruxism and TMJ. An oral appliance is an easy and effective solution to help solve chronic tooth grinding and jaw problems.

TMJ And Bruxism May Be Interconnected Problems

Not everybody who grinds their teeth occasionally has a serious case on their hands. Bruxism is the chronic pushing of the teeth together over time. This can be frustrating for many people because often they do it while they are unaware. In the mornings, you may wake up with headaches and earaches. At the dentist, your team may notice worn tooth surfaces. This can be cause for concern because this can lead to a weakened enamel which puts you at higher risk of cavities, gum recession, and other problems.

TMJ Dysfunction can be linked to chronic tooth grinding because of the tension placed on the jaws when you do this. Unfortunately, there is no specific cause for all people. Like bruxism, you may not be doing anything on purpose to exacerbate the issue. Stress, the way your jaw sits, and genetics can all play a role in this condition. You may wake up with severe headaches, a clicking sound in your jaw, and discomfort around your head and neck. This can make it difficult for you to eat, drink, and go about your day.

An Oral Appliance Can Ease Your Worries

We know that TMJ and bruxism can be highly frustrating because it is not done on purpose. Luckily, there is an easy solution that can help you rest easier. This simple tool is inserted into the mouth while you sleep to help prevent the teeth from rubbing against each other as you sleep. Because this is a problem that happens unknowingly for most people, it can be difficult to break the habit.

By using this appliance, you will not have to worry about waking up with a sore mouth, sensitivity to your teeth, or the wear and tear that tooth grinding causes over time. When it comes to TMJ, a similar approach is used to limit the pressure put on areas on the jaw. You will notice a change in how your joints feel in the morning.

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