Riverside, CA, dental group offers phase one or interceptive treatment for kids

In our last blog, we discussed the various types of orthodontic treatment available for patients. Each option presents its own benefits that can help fit your specific needs. Before starting the process of straightening your smile, your child may need to go through interceptive treatment to ensure that their jaw has properly developed first. Today, Riverside Dental Group is here to explain what happens during this treatment phase.

Preparing Their Smiles For Braces

You may be surprised to know that orthodontic treatment can begin as early as seven years old. At this age, many of their baby teeth have begun to make way for permanent ones. Potential jaw problems may also begin to manifest around this period. By addressing these concerns early, they can spend less time wearing braces and developing a properly functioning smile sooner.

Phase one treatment may involve using expanders or retainers to guide the growth of their jaws. Expanders help slowly widen your jaw, which can help make sure that there is enough room to adjust teeth in the next phase. Retainers may be used to keep the position of their teeth between phase one and two.

The Next Phase

Once their orthodontist determines that the necessary corrections have been made, the straightening process can begin. Traditional braces are often used for young patients because they are monitored closely by the specialist. Teenagers and adult patients may be eligible for other options, such as esthetic braces or Invisalign, as these are more discreet. On average, this process could take around one to two years to complete.

With traditional braces, your child will need to come in around every six to eight weeks to adjust the wires and change bands. For Invisalign treatment, you will wear these trays everyday and change them out as instructed.

What Happens After The Alignment Process

Once your teeth have been properly straightened, your braces will be removed. However, treatment does not stop here. Your teeth could potentially shift out of place, so it is important to take steps in preventing this. To do this, retainers may be used to keep your pearly whites in the correct position. These may be fixed or removable depending on your needs.

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