Riverside, CA, dentist offers oral surgery

Many patients may be worried when they are told they will need to undergo more extensive dental procedures. Treatments such as wisdom teeth removals, root canals, or dental implant insertion can seem intimidating. However, the team at Riverside Dental Group is here to help put your mind at ease about these necessary treatments. Today, we will discuss what you can expect from these procedures so that you can have a better understanding.

When Removing A Tooth Is Necessary

One of the most common forms of oral surgery is tooth removals. This may be required when your wisdom teeth grow in, if a tooth is interrupting the development of others, or one of your pearly whites cannot be restored after damage. During this procedure, the dentist will carefully extract the necessary tooth and close the area. The length of treatment and recovery time can vary based on how many teeth have been removed. For instance, wisdom tooth removal may take longer to recover since there are four of these structures in total. As you recover, make sure to continue doing your oral hygiene routine, avoid anything that may irritate the area, and use pain reducers as needed.

Root Canals Help Relieve Discomfort

Mild to moderate cavities may be treated with a dental filling. However, if the cavity is more severe or your tooth is infected, root canal treatment may be required instead. With this procedure, the damaged pulp will be removed, and a strong material is added in place for strength and protection. This treatment can help relieve pain that may be caused by a persistent toothache.

Sedation Options Help You Relax

Oral conscious sedation can be used to help increase your comfort throughout your oral surgery. Your dentist will go over your medical history and other health information to determine the necessary dosage. This can be taken as a pill or a liquid before your procedure. Unlike general anesthesia, you will not “go under.” Instead, you will be conscious and able to respond, if necessary, but you will have little memory of the procedure. This will allow you to feel relaxed during your procedure. Because the effects of this can last beyond your appointment, it is important that someone drives you to and from your procedure.

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