Riverside, CA, dentist offers wisdom tooth removals Generally speaking, your dentist will do their best to keep your natural pearly whites for as long as possible. Restorative options such as dental crowns, fillings, and root canals can help repair them after harm and avoid the need for removal. The exception for this is wisdom tooth removals. Your Riverside, CA, dental group is here today to explain when and why your dentist may recommend this.

Determining The Right Time For An Extraction

Our third molars develop during our teenage years or early twenties. This set of teeth is not necessary to the function or appearance of our smile, which is why they are often taken out. In most cases, your dentist will do their best to protect your natural pearly whites and avoid removing them unless absolutely necessary. For some patients, their wisdom teeth may not cause any problems or discomfort. In other cases, they can become impacted and can cause discomfort for the patient.

Your dentist may recommend removing them before they have a chance to harm the rest of your smile. Problems may not show up right away, but the development of these extra molars can cause misalignment, jaw pain, and many other concerns. Their development can be tracked during your biannual examination through X-rays. If you experience symptoms such as soreness around your jaw or swelling, these may be signs that it is time to remove them. The goal when deciding to extract these molars is to prevent them from harming your other pearly whites.

Keeping You Comfortable During Your Procedure

The thought of any type of oral surgery can be daunting for many patients. They may worry about the potential discomfort throughout the procedure or during the healing process. We offer sedation options that can help you feel calm during your treatment. Since you may have up to four of these molars removed, the procedure can be longer and may require more sedation. We’ll determine the dosage based on your medical history and other factors.

Wisdom tooth removal surgery may take around one hour to complete. After the procedure, a friend or family member will drive you home. The team will give you specific aftercare instructions to help during the healing process. It can take up to two weeks to fully recover from this, so make sure that you take adequate time off from work, school, and other responsibilities.

Talk To Our Team About Your Oral Surgery Options

This procedure can seem intimidating, but it can protect your smile from future harm. Call your nearest Riverside Dental Group location in CA today to schedule an appointment.

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