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Riverside Dentist Talks: Changing Tooth Shape

If you’re looking in the mirror, wondering why your teeth look too slim, too short, or just … awkward … we have some good news for you! You have the opportunity to change the length and shape of your teeth by relying on cosmetic dentistry. Didn’t think there was anything you could do about these… Read more »

Tooth Extractions: Do You Need Those Teeth?

One of the most common questions patients ask us when it comes to receiving tooth extractions follows: Do I need the tooth you’re removing? The fact of the matter is, some teeth are absolutely essential to your smile. Others we can remove without the need for replacement or further action. To have a clearer understanding… Read more »

Your Riverside Dentist Talks: Lip Facts For Autumn And Winter

As autumn and winter come into our lives, it’s like a magical holiday wonderland replaces the usual landscape and everything seems a bit more jovial! That is, until the colder weather ends up wreaking havoc on our collective comfort. You will probably notice, as well, that the cold months can leave your lips feeling different… Read more »

Toothache Questions: Answered

When a toothache occurs in your mouth, do you immediately feel a little bit panicked? In most instances, this reaction is due to the fact that you probably don’t know much about what the discomfort might mean or how to address the problem. Fortunately, when you feel all full of essential knowledge regarding an achy… Read more »

Extractions: Reasons To Take Aftercare Seriously

After your dental extraction, we will send you back home with detailed instructions regarding the best way to keep the extraction site safe. If you heed our directions, you can expect a successful return to your usual oral health in nothing flat! However, if you toss the instructions aside and go back to life as… Read more »

Your Riverside Dentist Talks Root Canal Denial

Your Riverside dentist understands why you’re in denial about requiring root canal treatment. As a result, we would like to explain to you why you went from thinking your smile was A-OK to discovering you need advanced care. Consider some insightful advice, so you can keep your smile healthy and your teeth right where they currently… Read more »

Is There A Dentist Near Me Who Can…?

Do you feel like your search for a dental practice generally brings up questions beginning with, “Is there a dentist near me that…?” If so, we understand. Your goal is to find a practice that provides you with the multiple, diverse procedures and offerings you hope to achieve under one roof. However, attempting to research… Read more »

A Q&A With Your Riverside Dentist: Whitening Dental Work

Do you have what you consider “a lot of dental work” in your smile? Have you recently decided that your smile really could look a lot better but you aren’t sure if we can help you whiten your teeth as a result of your existing restorations? The short response is: Of course we can help… Read more »

Your Riverside Dentist Talks: Day Trips

As you may have noticed this summer, heading out on a day trip is an exciting way to enjoy your time without committing to the serious planning required of a true vacation. What you may have also noticed is that though you were only at the zoo, water park, historic site, or otherwise for a… Read more »

Dental Quiz: Responding To Symptoms

Your Riverside dentist is curious about how familiar you have become with responding to dental symptoms – and how well you know what to expect from oral health concerns. For instance, do you know whether it’s possible to self-diagnose? Are you under the (false) impression that you don’t need checkups unless an obvious symptom materializes?… Read more »