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Avoid 24 Hour Emergency Services This Halloween!

Hopefully, you’ve got a handle on how to guide your children this year when it comes to Halloween candy and celebrations. However, do you feel that you know how to keep your smile safe? The good news is that it’s absolutely possible! The not-quite-as-wonderful news is that this is a time of year that can… Read more »

3 Reasons You Could Need 24 Hour Emergency Services

Nobody wants to think that they may suddenly require 24 hour emergency services in the future. However, when the moment comes that something completely unexpected happens and you are in dire need of immediate dental services, you’ll discover the most extraordinary relief you could imagine. While there’s a seemingly endless list of reasons you might… Read more »

Your Corona Dentist Talks About Emergency Care

There is never a good time to encounter a dental emergency, but it can happen to anyone. Whether it is an unexpected kernel of popcorn that cracks a tooth, or a worrisome ache that keeps you up all night, the trained staff in our dental office is here to help you decide on the best action…. Read more »

Same Day Appointments: A Quiz

There’s nothing quite like finding yourself in need of a dental care appointment immediately. You know that scheduling care is often something you need to do several weeks in advance, so now what are you going to do for your current oral health concern? Good news! We offer same day appointments to help you out… Read more »

We Offer 24 Hour Emergency Services

You wonder what on earth you might do if something happens to your tooth on a Sunday afternoon! Or late on a Tuesday night. The good news is, if you are our patient, you have access to 24 hour emergency services. This means we are here to help you all day. If a dental emergency… Read more »

2 Reasons You Shouldn’t Avoid Emergency Care

Do you need emergency dental care? Your Moreno Valley dentists suggests you schedule a visit the moment you need one, every time you find yourself requiring dental care. However, we understand that when a sudden issue occurs, you might have some concerns that keep you from coming in for the attention your smile needs. Fortunately,… Read more »

3 Common Questions About Emergency Care

Are you standing with one hand over your mouth and the other on the phone – but you feel frozen? What is holding you back from calling us to make use of our 24 hour emergency services? Are you worried that your problem isn’t severe enough and you will feel silly for calling? Maybe you… Read more »

Q&A: Same Day Appointments

Are you feeling like you cannot wait another week or even another day to see us? Perhaps something is hurting your smile – or you’re unsure about how to fix a problem. When sudden concerns crop up, you have the option of coming in to see us for a same day appointment. Have questions about… Read more »

24 Hour Emergency Dentistry Quiz

What will you do if you suddenly break a tooth? Do you have a game plan in place if you experience a toothache during a time when our practice isn’t open for regular business hours? Fortunately, whether you have carefully thought through and mapped out a strategy for dealing with unexpected dental trauma or not,… Read more »

Emergency Dentistry: How To Prepare

Do you feel like you are prepared to deal with an oral health problem that seems to come up out of nowhere? Do you have a solid game plan ready that will quickly lead you to our office for an emergency dental visit? Or, have you never really given much thought to what you might… Read more »