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Dental Emergencies: Don’t Panic

The great news is that we offer emergency dental care for those moments you least expect (when you are in serious need of assistance). However, the bad news is that patients often panic, even though they are aware hope and help are on the horizon. As a result, we have gathered some helpful suggestions to… Read more »

Dental Emergency Tips

The reason we offer emergency dentistry to our patients is that emergencies are never expected – which means you certainly don’t have time to prepare. Emergencies are, however, extremely urgent, typically including problems that we can address and improve if we can get to them quickly enough. First things first, if a sudden accident occurs,… Read more »

Dental Emergency Part 1: Tooth and Jaw Fractures

 at Riverside Dental Group will begin the first in a four part blog series about various types of dental injuries and emergencies. One common injury that can affect your teeth or your jaw are fractures. Fractures can be of varying depths, but a fracture is essentially defined as a break. Cracked Tooth Syndrome If you… Read more »

Prepared for a Dental Emergency? Try This Quiz

at Riverside Dental Group challenge you to a quiz on what to do in the dental emergency of losing all or part of a tooth. Questions Q1. True or false – If you lose a part of a tooth, or an entire tooth, you should retain the tooth and/or fragments.

Holiday Dental Emergency: Corona Dentists Discuss

With the holidays fast approaching, a variety of dental emergencies could occur. Holiday decorations often involve stringing popcorn throughout the house. Those decorations might appear tasty, but eating popcorn from holidays passed could result in a dental emergency. The holidays can cause an increased amount of stress and anxiety. This holiday season, many patients might… Read more »