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Temecula Dentists Quiz You on Health Benefits of Pumpkins

Have you been seeing a great many pumpkins popping up in patches, at grocery stores, or throughout your neighborhood? A symbol of both Halloween and Thanksgiving, pumpkins are great for decoration, and delicious when you mix their flesh with eggs, cream, and sugar. Obviously, sweet pumpkin treats won’t tout many health benefits, dental or otherwise,…. Read more »

Temecula Dentists Play a Trick on Cavities

It’s that time of year where one holiday after another offers us a barrage of sugary treats. You may be able to control your sweet tooth as you get older, but kids tend to find candy irresistible. As Halloween approaches, do you already have your little ghosts and goblins scheduled for their next bi-annual dental… Read more »

Temecula Children’s Dentists Keeping Kid’s Teeth Healthy

at the Oasis Family Dental are happy to provide a family environment so kids don’t have to dread coming in for their checkups every six months. Read today’s blog to brush up on some of the things you should remember regarding your child’s dental health.

Temecula Dentists Describe Toothaches and How to Relieve Them

Toothaches have so many possible causes. Some are obvious, involving direct injury or infection of the tooth in question. Other problems near the teeth can mimic toothaches, such as sinus infections and deviated septums. Today, your Temecula dentists at the Oasis Family Dental will explain some potential causes of toothaches, and an unusual potential pain… Read more »

Oral Health for Children: A Focus of Temecula Dentists

Do you have any exciting tales of losing your tooth as a child? Did you ever have a trusted relative attempt to tie your tooth to a doorknob and slam the door to aid in the final extraction? Perhaps your grandpa would say, “let me wiggle that tooth” and then fool you by yanking it… Read more »

Oral Cancer and Oral HPV Linked by Temecula Dentists

The link between oral cancer and oral HPV is a huge breakthrough in preventive dental health. There was a time in history where stereotypes abounded regarding the risks of oral cancer. In general, people tended to believe that older gentlemen who smoked and drank regularly were the main people who needed to worry about oral… Read more »