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Riverside Dentists Discuss the Stages of Gum Disease

, is an inflammation of the gums that can lead to the destruction of the tissues and bone that surround and support your teeth. If left untreated, periodontal disease leads to tooth loss. Over 75% of Americans have some type of periodontal disease, so recognizing early warning signs is essential to maintaining a healthy mouth.

Brushing Tips from Your Riverside Dentists

We learn to brush our teeth as children, and the practice becomes rote. Many people are brushing their teeth at 40 the same way they brushed their teeth at 5, which could be incorrect or inadequate. Proper brushing technique can mean the difference between years of solidly good oral health, or ongoing issues with tooth… Read more »

Riverside Dentists Discuss Types of Mouthwash

Most dentists agree that while mouthwash can help keep your mouth healthy, it is not a necessary ingredient in your oral hygiene routine. The best way to protect against cavities and gum disease is to brush your teeth twice daily, floss regularly (once a day), and have your teeth cleaned every six months. Using a… Read more »

Choosing a General Dentist in Riverside County

Your total health starts with your mouth, and oral care starts with your general dentist. A general dentist is the dental professional who evaluates your oral health, ensures your teeth and gums are healthy, and refers you to a specialist if need be. Today, our Riverside County dentists explain what a general dentist does and… Read more »

Riverside Dentists Discuss Bad Dental Habits

Are your habits causing permanent damage to your teeth? Are you unknowingly putting your oral health at risk? More than likely, you engage in at least one behavior that is harmful to your teeth and gums. In fact many of our patients are often surprised to learn how common behaviors actually do harm to oral… Read more »

Interesting Oral Hygiene History from your Riverside Dentist

Practices in oral hygiene and dentistry have made big strides over the years. Advanced technology, precise methods, and increased awareness have allowed us to help our patients keep their teeth healthier for longer. Dentistry in ancient times was not always as comfortable, scientific, and successful as today though. Here are some interesting facts about the… Read more »