While you can quickly lose track of how many times you open and close your mouth in a given day, it can be difficult to ignore the pain these movements cause if you have issues with TMJ disorder. Problems with your jaw joints and muscles can stem from different causes. You may struggle to move your jaw easily and freely because of an injury that affects your joint alignment, or develop gradual problems because of an awkward bite movement. Your troubles may also be linked to an unresolved teeth grinding problem. At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can use appliance therapy to help ease tension affecting your jaw joints and muscles. Wearing a custom TMJ appliance can ease tension on the joints and muscles, leading to welcome relief from pain whenever you bite, chew, and speak.

Symptoms Of TMJ Disorder You May Be Experiencing

There are several issues that can be traced back to TMJ disorder. Problems with your jaw movement or alignment can lead to headaches, facial pain and sensitivity, teeth grinding, and difficulties with neck pain and stiffness. If any of these issues are familiar to you, telling your dentist can lead to treatment through appliance therapy that eases your ongoing discomforts!

Using Appliance Therapy To Address Bruxism And TMJ Problems

In order to treat TMJ disorder or issues with teeth grinding (often referred to as bruxism), appliance therapy can be recommended. A custom oral appliance will be designed to address your needs. For those who grind their teeth, an appliance can keep them apart to avoid the gradual wear and tear caused by friction. For those struggling with TMJ problems, an appliance can change the alignment of their jaw in order to relieve their tension. Worn nightly, the TMJ appliance can gradually make changes that ease tension on the muscles while correcting the way your joints are aligned.

Will I Need Additional Treatments To Address TMJ Issues?

While TMJ therapy can lead to lasting improvements in your quality of life, you may have other issues to address if your condition included issues with teeth grinding. Gradual wear and tear can call for cosmetic dentistry if you simply hope to improve the way you look. If you are trying to restore teeth that were chipped or cracked, it may be necessary to secure them with dental crowns.

Your Riverside, CA Dentist’s Office Can Help You Deal With TMJ Problems

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