at Dental Associates of Corona will tell you more about the in-office and at-home teeth whitening options we offer.

Teeth Whitening History

Historians have traced teeth whitening all the way back to Egypt in the 4th century A.D. A tooth powder made from a mixture of mint, rock salt, pepper, and dried iris flowers was innovative for the time. And at the very least, much more fragrant and user friendly than what the ancient Romans tried: a blend of urine and goat’s milk. Natural whitening remedies in the newer ages included foods such as mashed strawberries and burnt toast. However, nothing will give you the drastic results that professional grade teeth whitening will.

Professional Whitening Options

Zoom! bleaching takes approximately two hours and is done by your Corona dentists in the office. The process is generally comfortable, consisting of bleaching gel on the teeth that is activated by a special light. If Zoom! is not for you, take-home whitening kits include customized reusable trays and dental grade gel that you expose your teeth to on your own time. Many people appreciate being able to whiten teeth in the comfort of their own home. While this is not as fast as a process as Zoom!, after about two weeks of daily treatments, the results will be just about as impressive.

Teeth Whitening from Corona Dentists

Are you interested in teeth whitening?  We would be happy to meet any of your cosmetic dentistry needs. Contact our 92879 dental office to schedule a consultation with your Corona dentists by calling (951) 273-9580. We serve patients in the 92879 area and surrounding communities.