at Dental Associates of Corona, would like to enlighten you on a few culinary options that have the potential to reduce plaque.

Plaque is Carried Away by Crudites

Munching on raw vegetables that are full of fiber (carrots, celery, cauliflower, broccoli) will remove harmful food debris while you eat. Vegetables are also nutrient dense and take extra effort to chew, which increases your production of saliva. Ample saliva results in the elimination of food particles in the mouth, and also helps to neutralize acid.

Be a Dip with Olive Oil

If raw veggies sounds a bit boring, consider dipping them in olive oil. According to researchers at the University of Madrid, olive oil has anti-cavity properties. This data was derived by connecting the good dental health rates with towns that heavily manufacture olive oil. Oleuropein is the anti-bacterial compound found plentifully in olive oil. Not only can olive oil help with tooth decay and periodontal disease, but evidence suggests oleuropein can also decrease jawbone loss.

Strengthening Teeth with Cheese

Eating just a small amount of cheese – less than an ounce – can help harden teeth. Cheese has also been found to reduce acid by maintaining a pH level in the mouth that is conducive to healthy teeth. Various types of cheese have been proven to reduce plaque, including cheddar, Swiss, brie, Gouda, and even processed American cheese.

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