First off, you may wonder if you even need a retainer. After all, your smile looks beautiful, you’ve already been through shifting your teeth into place, and your smile seems just right. Why mess with perfection, you wonder? Well, the truth is that just like your teeth shifted into the position we chose for them, they can easily shift out of that position. This will leave you with a smile that’s not quite straight anymore, which was not the goal, of course. Everyone need to wear a retainer after orthodontic treatment. It simply keeps your smile in place. As for the type of retainer you need … that’s a different story!

There Are Removable Retainers

First, you are probably aware of removable retainers. These are the devices that you put in place over your teeth but that you can take out in order to eat or to brush and floss. You may have seen friends with these, taking them out and placing them in a case for safe keeping. You’ll wear them throughout the day and to sleep in (or primarily when you sleep at night) depending on your needs.

There Are Permanent Retainers

Now, there are also permanent retainers that patients wear after orthodontic treatment. Unlike removable retainers, which include a wire along the visible portion of your teeth, the permanent version is hidden. A bar will rest along the inner portion of your teeth (or lingual side).

Which Is Best For You?

We will discuss this on a case-by-case basis with each patient. The goal is to ensure the results of your orthodontic treatment remain intact. So, for instance, if you’re someone who has a very hard time keeping up with removable devices, the permanent retainer is the obvious choice!

Learn More About Retainers During A Visit With Us

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