While you might not believe it until you see it or hear it, there are myths that can end up circulating about nearly anything you can possibly imagine. If you thought that something as seemingly simple and basic as dental floss could escape the grips of modern mythology, think again! Just open your mouth to speak with friends or family about this important part of dental hygiene and you’re likely to find that we’re not kidding. As for some myths that you may catch wind of and why you should definitely ignore them, our Temecula dentist is ready to offer you some much-needed wisdom.

Myth: You Don’t Really Need To Floss

Actually you really do need to floss. There may be studies out there that seem legitimate but, upon closer inspection, you will find that they are lacking in evidence. You may have friends that try to convince you flossing is not necessary. You may even meet people who claim they have no cavities or gum problems and that they don’t ever floss. While this may cause you to think you don’t necessarily need to floss, you do. Your dental hygiene always requires it, explains your Temecula dentist, if you want to promote a truly healthy smile.

Myth: Brushing And Professional Cleanings Are Good Enough

Where does this myth come from? Perhaps it is conjured up by individuals who simply don’t feel like flossing. However, whether you heard it somewhere or just think it’s something you have managed to convince yourself of, remember that you cannot get away with enjoying a healthy smile and only brushing and receiving professional cleanings, explains your Temecula dentist. You need to floss, too, or you’ll likely deal with oral health problems.

Myth: Dental Floss Could Be Toxic

Yep, this is a very weird one but it’s something that you might have heard about. If you did, you can forget it! Assuming you’re using dental floss that you’ve picked up from a well-known drugstore (particularly if it’s from a well-known brand and especially if it’s got ADA acceptance), then you’re perfectly okay. Floss is safe and effective, so keep using it!

Receive Flossing Tips From Our Team

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