There are lots of questions that we receive quite frequently about teeth whitening at our Temecula, CA practice! For instance, common questions include things like, is whitening right for me, how long will it last, and is it safe? Of course, these (like all inquiries) are very good questions because the more knowledge you have, the easier it is to make informed choices. Today, however, your Temecula dentist would like to take a quick stroll into uncharted territory, as we explore questions that are not asked quite as often (but that may certainly be on your mind!).

What If I Don’t Mind My Smile Shade?

While we frequently hear from patients with varying levels of smile brightness that they would really love teeth whitening, we remind you: This is a cosmetic treatment. As a result, unless it’s something that you specifically want for yourself, we aren’t going to encourage you to brighten your teeth. If you are pleased with the shade of your smile, then the answer is simple. Keep it that way!

What If Just One Tooth Is Discolored?

Now, you may feel unsure about what to do when you’re not necessarily happy with your smile’s appearance but not due to all over discoloration. Instead, you have one tooth that is stained, while the others are perfectly fine. What to do? Will teeth whitening be your best bet? Your Temecula dentist suggests that you simply treat the affected tooth. We may very easily camouflage the staining (and match it to surrounding teeth) with the use of dental bonding. Or, you may decide you would like to consider porcelain veneers. There is certainly a solution!

Why Does My Smile Sometimes Look Whiter?

You may wonder why some days, your smile looks very bright. However, at other times, it may look less vibrant. Your Temecula dentist and our team remind you that differences in the lighting around you, as well as the tones you wear, can influence how bright and white your smile looks. Wear a red shirt and it will draw out yellow tones, while a blue shirt will draw out cool tones (thereby counteracting yellow tones!).

Get Whitening Answers From Us! 

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